CSD Snapshot: Ride Or Die Racing

I spent last weekend at Milan Dragway with a couple of my sons for their No E.T. day. One of the fastest rides there was the Capri that you see below.

What is funny is that I knew a couple of the fellas in the racing crew that put this Capri together called Ride or Die. Now, I knew these young men way back in the day when they were just learning how to basically drive, but they had a passion for cars that they got from their dad (who owned some of the baddest rides Ford made) so we hit it off right from the beginning.

I won’t use the brothers “government name” out here, but I feel proud knowing that these guys have paid their dues and are now truly driving and enjoying some fast cars, not the 150hp Cutlass’s that we thought were fast back in the day.

But another important lesson is that whatever seeds we sow in the lives of our kids, that’s what we are going to reap. To see those guys out there and knowing where they came from, made me appreciate my sons (and even my girls as they wanted to go to the Strip that day but could not) and made me feel honored that my kids picked up my hobby as their hobby as well.

I’ll post a vid of this “sleeper” soon. I’m sure you’ll be shocked as much as I was…and I think it’s running on all-motor!

It’s just a little quicker than the bubble-back V6 Mercury Capri that my grandfather gave us…

Ride or Die Racing
Ride or Die Racing



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